Bank Wellness Day at Dr. Susan Friedman’s office

Dr. Susan Friedman and her staff held a Bank We

Dr. Susan Friedman, Marketing Director Gayle Piersol,, and staff held a Bank Wellness Day, March 3, 2015

As part of her participation as the local representative for the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, a national group of over 1000 health care professionals, Dr. Susan Friedman and her staff held a Bank Wellness Day. On Tuesday, March 3, 2015 in her office at 111 South Ridge Road, Rye Brook, NY, Dr. Friedman invited member banks of the Port Chester/Rye Brook Chamber of Commerce to take part in Stress Surveys and had a massage therapist on hand.

Representatives from the Peoples United Bank Mamaroneck and Port Chester branches as well as Customers Bank availed themselves of refreshments including a delightful bouquet from Johnson Pan, owner of the Port Chester location of Edible Arrangements.

Edible Arrangements, Dr. Susan Friedman

Visitors to Dr. Susan Friedman’s office enjoyed refreshments including Edible Arrangements




Larry David’s “Fish in the Dark,” title makes perfect sense…

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Larry David’s new play is in previews on Broadway at the Cort Theater 138 W. 48th St., New York City

When you think about Larry David and the way he views the world.

I saw this show on Saturday, February 14th, 2015 and yes, it was my Valentine’s Day present. I still haven’t recovered. In previews at the Cort Theater in New York City, “Fish in the Dark” will open in March. Judging by my reactions (and grudgingly, the audiences’) it’s a hit and David is none too pleased by this prospect, as he says in today’s New York Sunday Times*, ” I don’t think it’s good…it’s a terrible thing.”

David has not been on stage since grade school and so he and one of his co-stars, Jake Cannavale, aged 19, are making their Broadway debuts together. Cannavale is the grandson of Sidney Lumet and Lena Horne is the son of Emmy winner Bobby Cannavale.

As a sporadic actress myself, I noted how seamlessly David moves between the small screen and the stage. According to the Times article, David wrote the play and had no desire to be in it and to enjoy it as a writer. No less than Rob Reiner persuaded him to star in it.

However, Larry David has appointed himself as the Truthteller one would find in Greek plays, only he acts in this capacity for American humor (and tragedy.) And he seems to be enjoying himself, as much as has claimed that he doesn’t really like scripts.

The play’s plot revolves around death and the various occurrences that lead up to it. A clever device in the show was an overlay of a California death certificate and each time the status of a character’s mortality changed, letters were either typed into the death certificate, or fell off. As a legal assistant these days to a venerated Wills, Trusts, and Estates attorney, a Yale graduate, I can attest to the rich plot lines that occur as families, plan or not plan, wait for, or be surprised by, death and what decades long family sagas play out. David calls this, “Death etiquette.”

In “Fish in the Dark” David parades a varied and intertwined group of characters, all of whom, to my mind are fractals of David himself. Elflike, he dances around the stage during the production, with a sardonic and yet innocent joy.

As usual, David breaks new ground in broaching previously unmentionable (and unthoughtof) subjects. No less than the ladylike wife of Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, utters the “C” word…more than once. David, in character, debates on whether or not the “C” word as an epithet equates to calling someone a “Dickhead.” My opinion is that the “C” word far outweighs “Dickhead.”

Larry David’s mother in the play, appears to be near death. However, she magically becomes younger feeling, nicer and full of zest when she begins a torrid affair with someone young enough to be her grandson…her dead husband’s and cleaning lady’s (played by Rosie Perez) illegitimate son (Cannavale) conceived while in the wife’s employ. Thanks, Arnold Shwarzenegger.

This subplot made me feel better about being a middle aged woman; this grandmother/grandson lover dynamic makes the idea of being a “Cougar” seem quaint.

To be continued, because I need to do some research…

Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s aural art inspires visual art

In one of my first art classes at the Toledo Museum School of Art around 1977, my teacher, Diana Attie played Ramsey Lewis for our drawing class.


Gayle Piersol, the World According to gayle, Original artwork by Gayle Piersol, The World According to Gayle

Inspired by Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s music

“Madman Across the Water”

Although the drawing class was 5 hours long, the time passed very quickly.

It has been very cold and dark here in the New York area, and nursing a bad cold, I let myself go, eliciting Matisse and his free form drawing strokes.

I let “Tumbleweed Connection,” particularly “Blue Canoe” and other triply cuts inform the work with a limited palette of markers. No mixing of paints, cutting of paper and fibers or other collage materials…just letting the complex chords, warm violins and voices transport me.

I call this “Madman Across the Water.”

Gayle Piersol, original art by Gayle Piersol, Copyright 2015February 2015

Gayle Piersol, Ink drawing on paper, “Madman Across the Water.”

Thanks Reggie and Bernie

Madame Cezanne..the woman behind the artist and the artist behind French Impressionism

So rich and lush. this CezanneMadame Cezanne, Hortense Fiquet (1850-1922)

Paul Cezanne used his wife, Hortense, during a period of over 20 years, as his most patient and steadfast model.

The recent installation of many of Cezanne’s heretofore separated works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, notes that Cezanne preferred to paint subjects he knew well. Therefore, his wife and son were rendered over and over in the works mounted at the show, Madame Cezanne. In terms of his landscape art, he painted Mont Sainte-Victoire.

My daughter Sabrina, currently a Classics major at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO and I viewed the exhibition in New York last Saturday, January 3, 2015.

The World According to Gayle, The World According to, the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Fifth Avenue. New York City, NY

As an art student, oil painter, and docent at the Greenwich Historical Society’s Bush-Holley House (regarded as the “Birthplace of American Impressionism”) I count Cezanne as the artist who most informs my outlook on painting. His emotion, angles, seeming disregard for perspective and devotion to his inner voice, gave me all the permission I needed at the age of 14 to paint with the palette I chose, the brushstrokes that somehow emanated from my arms, and the size (usually large) to paint. Thank you, Cezanne.

In the show Cezanne was quoted like this,” (I) perceive form in terms of color relationships.”

What this does for an artist is to allow one to use the oil paint to build up and define the 3rd dimension for the viewer to project an interpretation of space, temperature, atmosphere, and perspective. Students of color and physics learn that colors are not static; rather the light can add and subtract from the colors by their relationships to one another.

I wish to also thank my former husband, David, who talked his way into Cezanne’s studio in Aix-en-Provence on my behalf, some years ago. The studio was to close at 5 p.m. and we arrived there at precisely 5 minutes until 5. Let’s just say I had the pleasure of taking in Cezanne’s extremely neat and orderly studio.

An enlightening infrared/X-ray of Cezanne’s process on “Madame Cezanne in the Conservatory” showed that Cezanne did, indeed draw in his underpainting, seeking definition of the form and dimension of his wife’s figure and forearms.

Cezanne, Madame Cezanne, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York City,

Cezanne’s Painting process in Madame Cezanne in the Conservatory

This series of paintings depicting Hortense in a certain red dress were all together for the first time since they were created in the studio.

3 of the 4 Cezanne Red Dresses togetherThree of the four “Red Dress” paintings of Madame Cezanne, together again from all parts of the globe since being separated from Cezanne’s studio.


The juxtaposition of cool and warm colors of the palette, plus the definitive lines and curves against each other create an exciting composition.

The juxtaposition of cool and warm colors of the palette, plus the definitive lines and curves against each other create an exciting composition.

Innovation…Our greatest asset


Gayle Piersol, Intellectual Property, The World According to Gayle, Christopher Dodd, MPAA

Gayle Piersol at the Global Intellectual Property Summit in Washington, DC, November 18, 2014 held at the United States Chamber of Commerce

Intellectual property is big business…for the US economy IP supports at least 40 million jobs and contributes more than $5 TRILLION dollars to, or about 34.8 per cent of US GDP. This is according to an April 11, 2012 report by the U.S. Commerce Department.

In future articles I will write about what I learned from what many of the panelists discussed during my time at the Global Intellectual Property Summit in Washington, DC.  Speakers including former Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd, now Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Motion Picture Association of America had much to say about why and how the United States needs to protect its IP from grand scale and global theft.

Gayle lining up a put

Gayle Piersol lining up a put with the specially weighted “Happy Putter.”

I test out the “Happy Putter” at the Global Intellectual Property Summit in Washington, D. C. hosted by  the United States Chamber of Commerce. Golf pros have been using specially weighted putters for years, and now amateurs can custom weight their putters for more accuracy.

CEO of Brainstorm Golf Vikash Sanyal has started other successful companies and he held his own when he shared the stage with fellow golf manufacturer (albeit on a much greater scale) and Executive VP of Acushnet, (maker of Footjoy shoes and Titleist golf balls and clubs,) Joseph Nauman.

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Stephanie Carcano of Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY and Dr. Susan Friedman of the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, November 19, 2014

Professors and administrators at the annual benefits fair held on the campus at Manhattanville College were a little less stressed when selecting insurance plans because Dr. Susan Friedman of the Foundation for Wellness Professionals and a massage therapist were on hand conducting Wellness Surveys and giving tension relieving massages.

Stephanie Carcano invited over 18 of her fellow professionals; Economics and Music History Professors, as well as a Graduate School administrators among others, in the Ballroom at Reid Castle, an historic castle with an illustrious past. Today, with its lovely chapel and interiors, it is a popular venue for weddings and other gatherings.

Dr. Susan Friedman, Chiropractor,

Reid Castle, where Dr. Susan Friedman held a Wellness Day at Reid Castle at Manhattanville College

Common complaints revealed on the surveys were not surprising; headaches, back pain, tension and stress were all on the list.  However, Dr. Friedman has the ability to treat other ailments not usually associated with chiropractic care.

Dr. Susan Friedman sees patients that have diabetic neuropathy, subluxation, adrenal gland problems, plantar fasciitis, and spinal fusion issues. Her practice uses state of the art techniques such as the Neurologic Relief Centers Technique and the  DRX9000 tm can relieve herniated and degenerated discs.

The Foundation for Wellness Professionals is an association of volunteer professional healthcare and motivational and keynote speakers who perform Wellness Days, do spinal screenings and deliver educational workshops at no charge in their communities. Dr. Friedman has been a member of the FWP for about 20 years.