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I sewed vintage buttons, fabric, lace and jewelry onto this pink rattan purse

Now that I have moved into my farmhouse with its studio, I am ready to create! Here I show a rattan purse with bamboo handles that I have hand sewed vintage elements that I have collected over the years.  I have scoured estate sales, flea markets, junk yards and the like to find treasures like vintage buttons, keys, lace, thread, fabric and jewelry to glorify in new permutations like this.

You could call it “up cycling” or “repurposing” or “recycling” but I prefer to think of reusing vintage and antique elements as “historic preservation.”

Gayle’s Garden is in full swing…

Roma tomatoes, home grown, organic gardens, home gardening, vintage furniture, repurposing

A perfectly matched pair of vintage wrought iron chairs provide support for Roma tomatoes

Gayle Piersol, organic gardening, home gardening, tomatoes

A few weeks later…soon there will be delicious, oval Roma tomatoes available for canning.



I have recently moved across town into my 1878 farmhouse, complete with white picket fence, tine ceiling in the kitchen, gingerbread on the front porch and a pretty nice garden.

Repurposing some first growth wide pine floorboards into raised beds for the garden, here I show two Roma tomato plants being supported by a pair of perfectly matched wrought iron cars I spray painted a cream color.  This photo was taken about a month ago. Soon I will show the progress of these plants as they have totally covered the chairs.


Wrought iron chair supports cucumber vines

Soon these cucumbers will climb the sturdy trellis this vintage wrought iron chair will offer.

Lara Spencer teaches Gayle Piersol some on camera tricks

Last Sunday, May 18, 2014 was breezy and cool…a perfect environment for the throngs that attended the Elephant’s Trunk flea market.  The markets claims that it is the largest in the Northeast, with parking for 1000 cars.

I was there to visit with my friend Pam, who was selling her Mother’s mid-century jewelry and accessories. I plan to be there soon, selling my upcycled accessories, Treasure boxes, original artwork and vintage items.



Painting Progress

Gayle Piersol, Gayle Piersol, artist,The World According to Gayle, Gayle Piersol, oil painter, Brian Andreoli

I am adding the contrast of a darker background indicating negative space to release the images of the flowers

I had the great good fortune to visit the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Ct for a delightfully curated show of Americn Impressionists yesterday, Sunday, March 23, 2014 on a particularly gloomy (and seemingly “normal”) day.

It was particularly inspiring to be able to observe “up close and personal” the quintessential American Impressionists here in the United States, who reposed in the Connecticut countryside of Cos Cob.

I will write more about Hassam, et al in the next several days as I have been gifted with an assignment as a docent at the Bush Holley House, where these incredible talents summered.

Now that Spring is nigh, look out for Gardens Gayle Digs…

Gayle Piersol, Mark Greenwald, Carrie Maher, The World According to Gayle, Gardens, tulips, Gardens Gayle digs

Maher and Greenwald, landscape designers of Stamford, CT have continued to delight us all winter

We share others’ food artistry on Food Fotos

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Cousin Caroline cooks delicious treats and photographs them beautifully, so she has graciously allowed us to share

I am now asking permission from my FB friends who are so generously sharing their gorgeous pictures of food that they prepare, crafts they craft, and gardens they grow.  I will always make a point to give absolute credit to these artisans, and provide links, at no cost, to their websites, if they have them.

Again, Gayle Piersol receives no compensation in any way and merely shares things that fit within her sensibilities that she wishes to share with others.