Lara Spencer teaches Gayle Piersol some on camera tricks

Last Sunday, May 18, 2014 was breezy and cool…a perfect environment for the throngs that attended the Elephant’s Trunk flea market.  The markets claims that it is the largest in the Northeast, with parking for 1000 cars.

I was there to visit with my friend Pam, who was selling her Mother’s mid-century jewelry and accessories. I plan to be there soon, selling my upcycled accessories, Treasure boxes, original artwork and vintage items.



Painting Progress

Gayle Piersol, Gayle Piersol, artist,The World According to Gayle, Gayle Piersol, oil painter, Brian Andreoli

I am adding the contrast of a darker background indicating negative space to release the images of the flowers

I had the great good fortune to visit the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Ct for a delightfully curated show of Americn Impressionists yesterday, Sunday, March 23, 2014 on a particularly gloomy (and seemingly “normal”) day.

It was particularly inspiring to be able to observe “up close and personal” the quintessential American Impressionists here in the United States, who reposed in the Connecticut countryside of Cos Cob.

I will write more about Hassam, et al in the next several days as I have been gifted with an assignment as a docent at the Bush Holley House, where these incredible talents summered.

Now that Spring is nigh, look out for Gardens Gayle Digs…

Gayle Piersol, Mark Greenwald, Carrie Maher, The World According to Gayle, Gardens, tulips, Gardens Gayle digs

Maher and Greenwald, landscape designers of Stamford, CT have continued to delight us all winter

We share others’ food artistry on Food Fotos

Gayle Piersol, Caroline Andreoli, The World According to Gayle, The World According to

Cousin Caroline cooks delicious treats and photographs them beautifully, so she has graciously allowed us to share

I am now asking permission from my FB friends who are so generously sharing their gorgeous pictures of food that they prepare, crafts they craft, and gardens they grow.  I will always make a point to give absolute credit to these artisans, and provide links, at no cost, to their websites, if they have them.

Again, Gayle Piersol receives no compensation in any way and merely shares things that fit within her sensibilities that she wishes to share with others.



An investigation into the poetic nature of orchids and Pharrell Williams


Pharrell Williams understands that the creative process at its best is collaborative

Pharrell Williams understands that the creative process at its best is collaborative

The creative process and creative people can seem mysterious and even to creative people, they are…

I am becoming very honest with myself about my true motives in life and trying to give myself permission to practice the arts in which I am trained: acting, creative writing, drawing, painting and musical writing and performance.

I was reading a particularly insightful article in a magazine I picked up from the Oakdale theater in Wallingford, CT. In it, a writer by the name of Andreas Tzortzis interviews Pharrell Williams about his views on being an artist.

To my mind, Williams is unique in that he doesn’t strive for “ownership” in the creative process as he describes that he is not afraid of failure saying, “Yeah, I don’t even understand that. My mind just can’t even process that.”

The article also shows how Williams is not worried about “success” or being “on top,” saying, “..if that is your main concern..then you should probably find another business. Because our business works off emotion.”

That is about the most crystal clear viewpoint I have heard a truly creative, self aware and yes, “successful” artist express.

Williams simply is happy to be “part of it…a participant..and everyone has their job.” He adds “…if you would remove your ego and only use your feeling, that is when the best stuff comes out.”

What a humble and honest expression coming from the Grammy winner, who has a solo album coming out.

Gayle Piersol, Gayle Anaple, Gayle Piersol artist, Gayle Piersol oil painter, The World According to Gayle,

“Brian’s  Orchids,” Oil painting by Gayle Piersol, copyright 2014 all rights reserved

As an artist, I find inspiration everywhere and particularly like painting at a site (whether indoors or outdoors,) with other artists. We rarely speak, but somehow there is a feeling of cooperation rather like a beehive.

“You know, we are vessels. We are straws. We are not the juice,” Williams says, and I agree.

This is also the perfect description when I am painting or some other creative endeavor.  It could also be described as “Zen,” the zone of being actively alert, aware and participative, while simultaneously relaxed.

I believe that all of us are creative, and to the extent that we can trust, be open and engaged with fellow humans, we will be richly rewarded.



The Pink Chevy journey continues

Pink Chevy3.16.14homestudioPink Chevy by Gayle Piersol

Copyright 2014 all rights reserved

The home kitchen studio…

This canvas is a bit bigger than I normally work as it is 24″ x 30″.  While taking a children’s book illustration course at The School of Visual Arts in New York City years ago, our teacher taught us to draw in tiny thumbnails.  I do like that idea, but you have to generally electronically manipulate the images.  He liked to that on a Xerox Machine.  That can work.

I’m finding that I have traditionally worked LARGER: in murals, painting on triptych canvases I have had made, on walls and large glass windows.  So I suppose I can shrink images down…perhaps shrinking any perceived “mistakes.”

Gayle Piersol artist, Gayle Piersol oil painter,The World According Gayle, The World According to

“Pink Chevy” is getting some background and sky

I am looking to the Renaissance painter Raphael for guidance on the color and atmosphere of the sky and background.