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imageMy friend Pam and I sought out a Hidden Gem I knew about, the Tuthill
House in Gardiner, NY on Thursday, May 30, 2013 where the temperature was in the 90’s. We were cooled by the rushing water that has been channeled to the mill since the 1700’s.
We shared a perfectly presented spinach salad and an excellent Tuthill Burger* on brioche with Gardiner grass fed beef. The tomato was ripe and flavorful, which is a treat this early in the year, when tomatoes are colorless and flavorless.  The fresh pickle (sort of like what you get in a good New York style deli) was a nice garnish.

Dessert for us was drinks.  Pam sampled an exceedingly aromatic 4 grain whiskey, which was made across the road.  I will feature the distillery soon.  I had a Manhattan Special Float, made with an espresso soda and vanilla ice cream.  Refreshing and not too sweet on a hot, hot day!

I will continually seek out only places that feature produce and meats from local farms.

Lunch prices were roughly $8-$14.

Tuthill House at the Mill Restaurant and Tavern

20 Gristmill Lane, Gardiner NY  (845) 255-4151

This burger is good enough to be included in the pantheon.




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